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Boma Evenings

We at Crocodile Kruger Safari Lodge are proud to announce the introduction of our traditional African Boma evenings at the Lodge.

These events that will be held in our large open air boma will ,weather permitting, take place every Saturday evening or on request by groups larger than 8 people and will be exclusive to guests booked into the lodge either on a dinner bed and breakfast basis (at no additional cost ) or booked into our self catering units.

Traditional African cuisine will be prepared by our staff and guests will also be entertained to true African hospitality with a few surprises in store.

Typical Boma menu


Mini Caramelized Meatballs, Garlic & Sweetcorn Fritters topped with a Cinnamon & Brown Sugar – with freshly squeezed Lemon Juice

Cream of Butternut Soup Served With a Freshly Baked Pot Bread

Main Course

Slow Cooked Potjie Kos of Beef Shin with Vegetables Layered According to Cooking Time.

(Served with White Rice, Samp Maize, Braised Cabbage & Greek Salad)


Ice Cream Topped with Amarula Liquor


See what our guests have to say about our Boma Evening :

Attending a Boma evening at Crocodile Kruger Safari Lodge. 4th June 2015.

“At sunset we heard the sound of drums calling us to the Boma. Upon arrival there we were greeted by a very friendly girl who assisted us with a ritual hand washing. She supplied water with a fresh tinge of lemon to wash with in a pottery bowl. Then we proceed into the boma where a big bonfire greeted us.

What a beautiful and welcoming sight. We then each were given a mug of home brewed beer. There was a long table and all were seated; smelling a tantaling aroma of freshly baked bread in the clay oven. The ambience was subtle with candles and firelight, to set a rustic and African mood. Then a surprise was announced ! Anyone brave enough to eat a Mopani worm, would get a congratulary certificate. And many did, and even enjoyed it; to much merriment.

Then came the very appetizing buffet type meal of traditional African dishes. We really found the whole event very different and like an adventure into an African life style. We can recommend this African experience to anyone and everyone, with an adventurous spirit.”

Leonora – Paris , France

” The Crocodile Kruger Safari Lodge Boma Evenings, is a true African Experience. I am very proud of my Mopani worm certificate and I can truly recommend this experience to everyone.”

Adolf – Berlin , Germany