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Kruger Park Rhino Poaching update

By Crocodile Kruger Safari Lodge Rangers and Guides

The New Year came in with a bang, we were still reeling from 2015. Having been a superb year in the Kruger National Park, I was left thinking what the winds of 2016 would blow our way.

Early on in the year on the 14th of January we had reports that two poachers had been captured in Napi. I was exhilarated to know that the Park Rangers were taking a no-nonsense approach to these incidents. The Kruger National Park has just bought 3 new Helicopters to aid & assist in poaching & wildlife injuries. As the memory began to pass, there was suddenly another incident on the 19th of January, this one though took place on our doorstep. We were preparing for an early morning drive with guests when we heard the unmistakable sound of the Chopper rotors swirling close-by. The Park Rangers had, had a very busy early morning. Five poachers were on the run. The poachers had intended to take down a Rhino right in front of the Lodge, pleasingly though, their effort had failed & they had been tracked through the night. It wasn’t long before the Helicopters brought in a Dog Tracking unit & gave support from the air. In all but an Hour, all the poachers had been captured. We would like to thank SANParks for their effort in keeping the Majestic Kruger National Park safe & ensuring the survival of our animals for all the future generations.

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All of the above happened with information provided from Private Operators like ourselves, all committed with one vision in mind – To Conserve & Protect our heritage. The Guides Association of Mpumalanga was recently launched on the 21st of January, I am lucky enough to be a part of this family. We started our orientation at Skukuza camp on Monday the 25th of January at Nombolo Ndluli. The orientation has been set-up to expand our knowledge & in-return to teach the younger generations, to become Honorary Park Rangers & ambassadors. It was hard going and a lot to take in – Kruger National Park – History/Geology/Technical Services/ Conservation Management/Managing Biodiversity/Game Drives & Ethics/Wildlife Diseases/Fire Management & Veterinary Services. As I left to return to Crocodile Kruger Safari Lodge, the rain began to fall in heavy droplets much to everyone’s relief.

Albert "Killer "